Thursday, September 24, 2009

Books - English, Chinese, whatever

T is really into books. She likes to take them off the shelf and read them. The best kinds of books for this activity are Michael's old Chinese text books and his little red Chinese to English dictionary. For those who have never had the pleasure, such a dictionary is similar to looking at any other 8pt font crammed dictionary except this one is in a 2 and a half inches thick with only 3x5 inch pages, no pictures, and isn't in English.
My daughter has some strange tastes.
She can 'read' these books for 30 minutes or more. Its nice to see all those Chinese texts put to good use.

Here is an unrelated photo of T in a bike helmet from the Reiss's residence. Ready to take on anything!
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Unknown said...

Who knew we had so many great hats?

We just called the helmet "Tovina's helmet" the other day. (As in "I can't find my sandels - oh, why is Tovina's helmet on top of them in the closet?")

I love the picture.

Happy New Year!!