Tuesday, September 01, 2009


We're still a household of unfortunate illness. What makes this timing particularly amusing is that we have a friend (who we met in China but now lives in the US) visiting. We have apologized for inviting her into our house of plague, but it is really too late to change anything so she is dealing - and with a smile which is really more than I could hope for.

Actually, even more than a smile, Natalie is cooking with us :)

Last night we had matzoh ball soup (in honor of the general level of malaise) and tonight we made peanut, sesame and spicy noodles with chicken and a side salad of cabbage and bean sprouts. Was quite yummy. Even Tovina liked it the 1st time she tasted it.


Jason said...

Do you still have your Strombola kit with you? Those things are handy that way.

Unknown said...

Isn't it assumed that T would like something spicy? Crazy girl :)