Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Changing the brakes

The latest Do-It-Yourself project in the house is replacing the rear brakes on the minivan. It has been less than a smooth experience even though Michael had done this before on a previous vehicle. The first day of this adventure Tovina and I went out to check on the progress.* T immediately picked up an old brake pad thereby coating her hands in gunk. Knowing how those hands would shortly be smearing dirt all over her clothes, we did the only logical thing and removed her shirt and pants.** I particularly like the final look with the purple shoes, turquoise socks, diaper, braids, and gem encrusted hair clips.

She spent a fair bit of time examining all the tools in the tool chest. She learned that a lot of them were 'No Touching!' but that the sockets were pretty safe. That led to removing almost all the sockets from the box and organizing them across the floor.
After that we had a rousing round of the 'clean up' song while Tovina put them all away.

*One of the things I have learned about having a small child is that it is no longer really possible for both adults to be engaged in a home DIY project as one must be responsible for making sure the wee one doesn't do anything detrimental to herself. This is probably an obvious observation to most people but it still sort of surprises me.

**What do you mean it would have been logical to take her inside away from the area and clean her up? That's just crazy talk.
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Natalie said...

That is freaking adorable. Save those pictures in a file for when you think she needs a mortifying experience in her teenage years.

Molly said...

You're quite right. It would be foolish to take her inside. After all, someday she may need to replace brake pads. The sooner she learns these important life skills, the sooner she can take over minor chores of this sort while her parents have a martini on the deck.

Becky said...

I know what you mean on no more DIY moments involving both parents! Trying to fit in a time where we can actually paint. A few hours every other Friday when we are (technically) off work just doesn't cut it :)