Monday, September 14, 2009

Tree Down

Our next door neighbors had a VERY large dead tree removed from their yard today. 130 feet tall at least.
When Michael and Tovina heard the continuous heavy machinery being used somewhere in our vicinity they went to explore and saw what was going on.
It just so happens that we also have a fair amount of large dead trees and one of them happens to be hanging over the very same road as the one these fellows were already removing.

T's description of the what logically followed all these observations was this:
"Go up down up down. Cut tree. Fall down! Boom boom!"
She summed up the process rather well actually. The up down (and repeat) was the fellow in the bucket truck in case you were wondering.

We watched the entire proceedings of our tree's removal. It took about 30+ minutes and she never got bored - was really very impressed actually. She also liked how the trucks made beeping noises as they backed up. She makes a very similar noise (its great what you can teach your children) but had never before experienced that 'beep beep' in its natural environment.

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