Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bye Natalie

Today was Natalie's last day with us before taking off on a fast plane tomorrow. As she is pretty much our first guest who was not family, she had this strange request to see the city. We've been trying to get in all the necessary tourist activities checked off. Unfortunately for her, I was her tour guide and know pretty much nothing about Cincinnati. Luckily we had a GPS and a car and a (mild) sense of adventure. Among our successes were UDF malts and the exploration of Old Town Milford which had some good restaurants and this really yummy cupcake restaurant that will require another tasting or 2 or maybe 3. Then tonight, after stuffing ourselves silly at the Montgomery Inn we went for a walk along the Ohio river and came across this small amphitheater. The leaves have started to change and it was very peaceful even with the chasing of the squirrels.

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Ben said...

Gotta love the Montgomery Inn... :)