Friday, September 11, 2009

Hair Styles

Never cutting T's hair has finally paid off. That's right, our little one has enough hair for styles now! And the hair up front, the stuff that looks like bangs but is really the hair from the top of her head that still is trying its best to not grow? Well that stuff is now almost long enough to get past her eyebrows - very exciting.

Also exciting is that we can now do things with our no-longer-bald munchkin's hair. Pigtails are by far the favorite. I never before realized how rarely her head does not move in any given moment. Getting those suckers in is a exercise in patience.

Today though I tried something new - Braids!* We'll see if they make it to lunch time.

*Niki, Michael said something along the lines of, "They aren't up to Niki level, but that was still good."
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niki said...

OH MY GOSH sooooooooooo cute,, is it possible she is getting more adorable each day and those pig tails are over the top cute

BIG GRIN HERE for the cute hair styles :)

Chris said...

Pigtails and dimples...too adorable!