Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boom boom

Two of the last 3 nights there has been booming thunder while Tovina is trying to go to sleep and for the first time, she seems to care.
a lot
'Boom boom Mommy!' she tells me.
I explained it was thunder and that it was a noise that came with the rain (she likes rain.)
Still seemed to be pretty unsettling stuff though.
'Cover eyes?'
Huh? Turned out she wanted to wear some sort of eye mask to deal with the noise. (Love toddler logic.) But I wasn't about to give her one of the many masks we have collected on planes because the various ties and straps that go around the head make me too nervous.
'How about a hat? We can pull it way down and cover your eyes.'
So an appropriate hat was found (spider frogs! more on that another time) and put on her head and she lay back down and went to sleep. Nothing more was thought of this.
Then last night it happened again.
'Boom Boom daddy! Hat!'
Who knew that the application of a hat solved thunderstorms so well?


A said...

Not unlike the magic abacus that kept the boogy man away from a little girl I once knew.

ShamrockJews said...

For any of you who might have been wondering when my engineering (re: geeky) tendencies may have started :)

LB said...

I can totally identify with T. The lightning associated with the boom boom also keeps me awake. I can see it through my somewhat translucent eyelids so I usually have to close my shutters during storms. Next time I will try a hat.