Friday, April 24, 2009


This last week when grocery shopping, Tovina was treated to a helium balloon by the store.

She was thrilled!
She was thrilled in the car when she bounced it around,
and when it floated out of reach
She was thrilled when it was in the house
and she let it slowly release
She was thrilled as Daddy caught it
just before a ladder was needed
and she was FURIOUS when the balloon's string was then tied to various items, including her own wrist, in an effort to keep it away from the vaulted ceilings.

She earned herself a nap she was so distraught.

After the nap a longer string was tied to the first string and a weight to the new end which seemed to alleviate the worst of whatever horrible thing she imagined we were doing to confine her poor poor balloon.
This eventually led to the following video. A longer version is here.

All better!

Oh, and the screeching? That's a new treat too.
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Ben said...

I feel obligated on behalf of Jo Ann to point out that the US PIRG toy safety gurus (among others) consistently identify balloons as one of the most dangerous choking hazards out there. I can't remember what age they say it is safe for kids to have balloons, but it is probably as high as 8...