Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New stuffed animal

Last night we went out for dinner. Towards the end of our meal, while Tovina was fidgeting next to our table at the restaurant, a boy about 6 or 7 years old came over.
He was holding a bumblebear. (Well, what else would you call a stuffed bear that was wearing a bumblebee outfit including an antenna headband?)
"Your baby can have this if she wants," he told me.
"Wha?" I replied intelligently.
"I won it in the game over there and she can have it." He was holding the little animal out to Tovina.
Tovina, convinced of her rightful place in the world as the owner of all cool things, calmly accepted her rightful offering and hugged the bumblebear to her chest while looking at the boy intently.

I had a quick discussion with the boy's dad a few minutes later as T started roaming about the restuarnt with her new acquisition firmly encircled by one arm. It turns out it was all the boy's idea. He was just that kind. I'm very sorry we didn't get his name. Tovina and myself did thank him a few times. Also, a live singer/guitar player started performing so T danced (with the bumblebear) right in front of their table. I like to think of her performance as her own special form of thank you.

One of the dance highlights was when she had one arm around the bumblebear's waist and had the animal's other hand clasped in her other hand. then she turned around in circles. It looked like they were ready to tango! That's my girl!

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niki said...

that is so wonderful :)
I love seeing kids at their best