Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bellingrath Gardens

I mentioned that when we were in Gulf Shores we drove over to Bellingrath Gardens. It was beautiful! Flowers were in bloom, the temperature was perfect, and the company was spectacular :)
Tovina wore her flower hat in honor of the occasion.
We were also trying out a backpack with T to see how it will do in Turkey. Its not clear if she is a fan or not but she did like the view.
She also enjoyed the moving dinner service.

Okay, sneaking in a none Bellingrath pic - here is Grandpop, T, and Daddy just before we got in the car to head back home. We are looking forward to our next trip down!
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M said...

Aha! So Tovina looks like Tim.

ShamrockJews said...

Yup, that baby is definitely from Michael's side of the family.
Unless you check out her toes - those are from me!