Friday, April 17, 2009

Bye bye

It had to happen, but it is still sad... all the grandparents went home. They actually did this a few days ago but I have been dragging out pictures in the hopes of ignoring the obvious. I would have liked to share a nice photo of T with her 3 grandparents, but while they pretended to cooporate, the photo is pretty much flattering to no one. Instead I preset you with these highlights.

While T is not in this shot, she had place the hat on Grandpop's head and was very amused by the results. Luckily, he was too :)

Here is a short clip and T and Zaida going through the alphabet. D is for Drums! You can check out longer versions on YouTube.

And here are Baba and T having a read of flash cards together.

So... What does T think of having to wave bye bye to Grandpop, Baba, and Zaida?
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